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Recent Articles

A gap analysis on SDG 17, based on the reports from the United Nations: A Disability lens

Zukiswa Nzo

Page: 58 - 65

Journal of Arts and Humanities

Original Research Article

Analytical Modelling of Hardness as a non-elastic performance factor in augmenting the Structural Integrity of Pipeline Weldment

1.Mabiaku Timothy, 2.Achebo Joseph, 3.Ozigagun Andrew, 4*.Uwoghiren Frank

Page: 51 - 61

Environmental Science and Technology

Original Research Article

Effect of Pathogenic Bacteria on Cat Fish (claria gariepinus)

Professor Adams Chris Azubuike

Page: 8 - 18

Fishery Science and Aquaculture

Original Research Article

Application of Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network Analytical methods in modelling Shock Resistance of Pipeline Weldments

1.Mabiaku. T.A., 1.Achebo J. I., 2.Ozigagun A., *1Uwoghiren F. O.

Page: 62 - 70

Environmental Science and Technology

Original Research Article

The Potential of Nitric Oxide in Minimizing Postharvest Physiological Changes and Ethylene Production in Stored Fruit

1*Bonaventure Ufitinema, 1Jean De Dieu Niyomugabo, 2Modeste Hakizimana, 3Emmanuel Hakiruwizera

Page: 52 - 62

Agricultural Research and Review


Contribution of Counter-Terrorism Strategies and their Implication on National Security in Kenya: A Case Study of Lamu West Sub-County, Lamu County, Kenya

Onyari Akama Jared

Page: 48 - 57

Journal of Arts and Humanities

Original Research Article

Regional Organizations and Combating Coups: Is African Union Getting it Right?

Onyari Akama Jared

Page: 44 - 47

Journal of Arts and Humanities

Original Research Article

Household Farmers Willingness to Invest in Improved Rice Production Technologies in Awgu Lga, Enugu State

*1Ifeoma Vivian Nwankwo, and 2Stella Mbajiuka

Page: 38 - 46

Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Original Research Article

An Examination of the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural Extension of Developing Nations: A Comprehensive Analysis

1*Manga T.A, 2Alhassan Y.J, 1Sanchi I.D, and 1Sabo A.Y

Page: 39 - 51

Agricultural Research and Review


Production, Utilisation and Indigenous Knowledge of Spider plant among Smallholder Farmers in Nyaribari Chache Sub County, Kisii County

1*Nyamwamu Nyarang’o Charles, 2Pascaline Jeruto, 3Elizabeth Njenga, and 4Lizzy Mwamburi

Page: 24 - 33

Soil and Crop Sciences

Original Research Article