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Recent Articles

Scaling up of largescale acid soil reclamation through lime technology and improved wheat verities in West Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

Tolossa A ., and Tolcha T.

Page: 15 - 23

Soil and Crop Sciences

Original Research Article

Policy paper: Strengthening Food Security in Sudan: A Sustainable Approach


Page: 121 - 142

Agricultural Research and Review

Original Research Article

Assessment of Gender Role in Agricultural Production in West Hararghe Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Birhanu Angasu, Gosa Alemu,, Jima Degaga and Nimona Sime

Page: 48 - 55

Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Original Research Article

A Review Study on the Effect Of Selected Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Fertility and Crop Productivity

Adane Adugna

Page: 105 - 120

Agricultural Research and Review


Influence of Information and Communication Technology on Modern-day Secretaries in Tertiary Institutions

Glob. Edu. Res. J.

Gbenga-Akande IO

Page: 153 - 157

Educational Research Journal

Original Research Article

Policy issues for Improving Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Extension Programmes in Nigeria: A Critical Review

J. Agric. Econs. Extens. Rural Dev.

Abdullahi RO, Sennuga SO, Bamidele J,Osho-Lagunju B and Ameh DA

Page: 39 - 47

Economics, Extension and Rural Development


Reinventing Moral and Political Hygiene in Africa’s Governance Culture: Explorations into Aristotle’s Virtue Theory

Udofia SN

Page: 183 - 194

Journal of Arts and Humanities

Original Research Article

Factors Militating Against Post-Harvest Losses on Mango Varieties in Lafia Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Anda DA and, Anda SAD

Page: 23 - 29

Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Original Research Article

Development of a Simulation Equation For Estimating the Total Solar Radiation for Barkin Ladi, Plateau State of Nigeria

Yohanna JK,, Muhammed HS,, Akawu YE, Ekom HA, Fulani AU, Bello EE and, Wakrotda GN

Page: 50 - 58

Environmental Science and Technology

Engineering Research

The Role of International Collaborative Institutions on Tertiary Education. A Critical Review

Gregory DM and, Eleke CD

Page: 148 - 152

Educational Research Journal

Original Research Article