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International Journal of Bacteriology, Virology and Immunology Biological Sciences ISSN: 2384-5066 Advanced Research Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Biological Sciences Advanced Research Journal of Plant and Animal Sciences Biological Sciences ISSN: 2360-7947 African Journal of Applied and Theoretical Studies in Agriculture Agriculture Sciences (English and French) Global Educational Research Journal Education Studies ISSN: 2360-7963 Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Biological Sciences ISSN: 2360-7955 Global Journal of Food Science and Technology Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 2384-5058 Global Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Medical Sciences Global Research Journal of Business Management Social Sciences Global Research Journal of Fishery Science and Aquaculture Agricultural Sciences Global Research Journal of Geography Geographical Sciences ISSN: 2360-8005 Global Research Journal of Marketing Management Social Sciences Global Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Medical Sciences Global Research Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology Medical Sciences ISSN: 2360-7920 International Journal of Agricultural Research and Review Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 2360-7971 International Journal of Arts and Humanities Arts and Humanities ISSN: 2360-7998 International Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences Medical Sciences International Journal of Soil and Crop Sciences Agricultural Sciences Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 2360-798X Spring International Engineering Research Journal Biological Sciences ISSN: 2384-5058