About Us

Spring Journals (SJ) is an independent open access publisher of scientific literature in all fields of human endeavour. SJ facilitates interaction and communication among scientists and disseminates scientific discoveries through its journals. SJ also engages beyond the scientific community, through independent policy work, the promotion of high quality digital education, and communication with the public.

Our fundamental mission is to publish the most outstanding research and to encourage the development and use of that research for the benefit of humanity. SJ strives to promote the growth of knowledge, enhance public awareness of the social consequences and policy implications of that growth, and provide leadership in thought that leads to action. Our editorial board members are scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education and research.  SJ aims to bring together scientists and researchers to solve global problems and policy issues that require interdisciplinary expertise, to encourage young people to enter scientific careers, to promote a scientific culture in which excellence in research is more highly valued than seniority, and to improve the foundations of science worldwide by providing encouragement and recognition to researchers in countries with underdeveloped national scientific programs.  Indeed, Spring Journals intend to contribute towards the development of international policies in science and technology and to facilitate the creation of a critical mass needed for solving the most important scientific problems. All works published by Spring Journals are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.