Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Appraisal of Outcomes of Anglophone Crisis on Agro Industrial Plantations along the Fako-Moungo Belt in Western Cameroon


Accepted 17th January, 2022.

Countries of the south today are plagued by socio-political crisis with negative implications on agriculture and development. Cameroon in Sub-Saharan Africa is not an exception. Agro-industry along the Fako-Moungo belts in West Cameroon considered the second employer after the state have been victims of the socio-political crisis that have affected Anglophone Cameroon since 2016. This crisis has resulted to huge financial, material and human damage on the development of the corporations with negative outcomes on the population, grassroots communities and the Cameroon economy. Studies on anglophone crisis so far have focused on the causes, general manifestation and consequences, geopolitics of the crisis) without specific case studies of sectors affected (Konings and Nyamnjoh 1997, Ekah, 2019). This paper examines the outcomes of the Anglophone crisis on the agro-industrial plantations in the matrix circumscribed. Quantitative and qualitative techniques have been exploited to collect data for analysis and interpretation. The results show that the anglophone crisis and its persistence is a serious challenge faced by agro-industrial enterprises in Fako and Moungo areas, following the effects it has had on their infrastructure improvement, plantation and crop production, labour force management and empowerment, community development, and nation building. Seeking for sustainable solutions to redress the crisis is urgent. This will help to revamp the activities of these agricultural plantations that are at a decline with negative outcomes on development, national integration, social cohesion.


Keywords: Anglophone crisis, Armed Conflicts Development outcomes, Agro-industry, plantation agriculture, Fako, Moungo