Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

A review on ethno-veterinary and veterinary medicines used to treat livestock of communal farmers


Accepted 5th May, 2015


The main objective of this study is to review types of remedies which are commonly used by small-scale livestock farmers. Some small-scale farmers use a variety of remedies both veterinary and ethno-veterinary to treat their livestock. These small-scale farmers are found to be uneducated and some of them have low levels of education. This result to these farmers to be unemployed, thus depend on pension as a source of income. However, small-scale farmers are faced with the need to protect and treat their livestock; in the process they use a range of conventional and non-conventional remedies. The efficacy of any drug depends on its proper use in terms of dosage and purpose. Therefore, this study can reveal some of the factors that affect how farmers use remedies. Thus, this can lead to improvement of livestock production once proper use of remedies is practiced by small-scale farmers. Furthermore, this study can be disseminated to extension officers, who can use this review to plan appropriate advices to be used in their trainings of farmers. This can be done by educating small-scale farmers about various management techniques in using remedies to prevent diseases and increase livestock productivity.


Keywords: Ethno-veterinary; veterinary; remedies; small-scale farmer; livestock