Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

A Comparative Study of Trend in Area, Production and Productivity of Rice in Kerala and Tamil Nadu


Accepted 25th July, 2016.


This study investigates the sustainability of rice production in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Food deficit is a persistent issue in Kerala and is highly relay on Tamil Nadu for food grains and vegetables. Ensuring food security to all that is the access of the sufficient quantity of food to meet its nutritional requirements of people has got predominant importance in government policies. Therefore, food security issues cover not only issues related to the availability and stability of food supplies but also to issues of accessibility of food. The study found that the declining area, production and productivity of rice has induce the keralites to rely on neighbouring state of tamil nadu, where rice production is growing up. The implementation of sustainable agriculture policies in Kerala has required more emphasis in production of food grains to meet food demand in future.


Keywords: Area, production and productivity of rice, sustainable agriculture, food security, self sufficiency, constraints.