Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Banana as Natural Plants to Artificial Culture Media.


Accepted 24th October, 2016.


Plants are the most living things which sustain the life by production of respiratory oxygen and also play an important role for soil fertilization acting as manure. For banana plants, they are so important in a way that their application is becoming broad, if you consider their chemical content; It show much mineral content that can act as culture media during in vitro culturing, with that ability, the research aims to provide the alternative way to supply natural ingredients that can reduce the cost of the currently used culture media. The research examined currently used Murashige and Skoog (MS) nutrients and then collected information about local plants that met the condition to support the growth of in vitro life. Banana was chosen from other plants examined for its nutrients. The predominant elements found in banana plant pseudostem ash were Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe and P classified as macro-elements added to present micro-elements. Considering minerals distribution within banana ashes vitamins and hormones were absent, bolus complement was added as compliment both rich in hormones and vitamins. The mixture has been prepared, added agar to yield the full media. Then followed by planting mother plantlets inside the media, the experiment has used two parallel media, natural and MS media have been planted with the same plantlet variety of potato for easy assessment, they transferred them into the growth room. The first two days; there was no significant change for both natural and MS media barquettes. At the fourth day, there was formation of callus where root will rise and appearance of shoot from nodes. At the sixth day, the plantlets have both shoot and root.  At the end both have shown the ability to have supported the growth of plantlet, the difference was that the natural media become older early but plantlet were fleshier than MS media, but other features were the same.


Keywords; Macro-elements, micro-elements, callus, in vitro culture, minerals, pseudostem, vitamins, plantlet.