Global Educational Research Journal

ISSN 2360-7963

Effect of Computer Simulation on JHS 2 Students’ Performance in Integrated Science

Abstract: This study explored the use of computer simulation to improve upon teaching and learning of Integrated Science among all JHS 2 students of University Practice North Campus JHS, Winneba, Effutu Municipal of Central Region in Ghana.  The objective was to assess students’ performance by using computer simulation to teach some selected topics in integrated science. A sample size of eighty-eight (88) students of the school was used for the study. It was an Action Research where a quasi-experimental design was adopted. Five class tests and an opinionnaire were used for data collection.  Descriptive statistics was used to analyze data.  The results revealed that students understood the selected topics and performed better when they were taught lessons using computer simulations. The implication for teaching and learning was stated that computer simulation support system made science classroom more realistic. The study recommended that Integrated Science teachers should be equipped with the ICT skills to enable them to use computer simulations to teach more topics in Integrated Science.


Keywords: Computer simulation, traditional method, ICT, critical thinking, communication skills, manipulating skills, listening skills and opinionnaire