Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Sociocultural implications on innovation adoption: the case of adoption of yam minisett technology among farmers in Northern Region, Ghana


Accepted 23rd June, 2014

This paper discussed findings of a survey conducted to investigate the implications of cultural believes and practices associated with yam farming on the adoption of Yam Minisett Technology among farmers in the Nanumba North and Gushiegu Districts of Northern Region of Ghana. Data were collected from a sample of 180 farmers, 90 from each district and analysed using discriminant analysis and the results presented in tables. The results of the study revealed that, among the variables which were found to be significant in predicting farmers’ adoption behaviour regarding Yam Minisett Technology, the sociocultural considerations such performance of rituals associated with yam growing contributed strongly in the total discriminant power of the independent variables in the discriminant function. Others cultural beliefs and practices related variables which were significant in classifying adopters of Yam Minisett Technology and Non-adopters were ‘believe or otherwise of spiritual nature of yam crop’ and ‘adherence or otherwise of cultural taboos associated with yam cultivation’. This paper therefore recommends that extension field officers should take into account cultural believes and practices concerning yam production and adopt appropriate behaviour change communication strategies in disseminating and promoting adoption of improved technologies among yam farmers.


Keywords: Yam minisett technology, discriminant analysis, adopters and non-adopters