Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Policy issues for Improving Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Extension Programmes in Nigeria: A Critical Review

Abstract: Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Nigeria's economy, providing livelihoods for the majority of its population. Agricultural extension programs are essential for disseminating knowledge, technology, and best practices to farmers, thereby enhancing productivity and food security. However, the effectiveness of these programs depends on robust monitoring and evaluation (M & E) mechanisms. This study discusses the policy issues surrounding the enhancement of M & E in agricultural extension programs within the Nigerian context. It consists of a comprehensive review of the existing policies and frameworks governing agricultural extension programs in Nigeria. Furthermore, it highlights the critical need for policy reforms to address these issues and improve the overall efficiency and impact of agricultural extension services. The study also explores international best practices in M & E for agricultural extension programs, drawing on experiences from other countries. By examining successful case studies and approaches, it identifies potential strategies that Nigeria can adopt to strengthen its M&E mechanisms. In conclusion, this abstract emphasizes the importance of policy interventions in advancing the M & E of agricultural extension programs in Nigeria. It underscores the potential benefits, including increased agricultural productivity, reduced food insecurity, and improved livelihoods for rural communities. By addressing the policy issues discussed herein, Nigeria can take significant steps toward achieving its agricultural development goals and fostering sustainable economic growth.


Keywords: Monitoring, evaluation, policy, extension, programs