Global Educational Research Journal

ISSN 2360-7963

The Role of International Collaborative Institutions on Tertiary Education. A Critical Review

Abstract: This paper examined the role of collaborative international institutions on tertiary education. It is obvious that for tertiary institutions to attain global standards, they have to collaborate internationally.  The paper also seeks to identify international collaborative institutions in various parts of the world. It also identifies organizations and agents that fund Tertiary Education namely, USAID UNESCO UNICEF etc. The paper also highlighted the roles of International Collaborative Institution, among which are: offering, international experiences including studying abroad and staff exchanges. It also looked at the principles of effective collaboration which also include clarifying purposes and goals and respecting social and academic cultures etc. it went further to outline the strategies that make collaboration more effective, one of them is understanding the need for collaboration. Finally, this paper was able to state the challenges of international collaboration on higher education as language barrier and difficulty in making contacts. 

Keywords: Tertiary Education, International, Collaborative Institution, Global Standard.