Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Economic profitability of guinea sorrel production in the District of Korhogo


Accepted 20th April, 2019.


Guinea sorrel (hibiscus sabdarifa) of the malvaceae family is a plant produced locally in the District of Korhogo and mainly in Natiokobadara. Produced for its leaves, it is used in food.  This study analyses the economic profitability of guinea sorrel cultivation in the District of Korhogo. It concerned the 25 women producers who make up the Katana group of Natiokobadara.  The methodology used in this work incorporates a questionnaire survey to collect both quantitative and qualitative information. Then, an operating account was used to organize information on expenses and income and to estimate profitability indicators.  From the results, it can be noted that women are the most active in the production of guinea sorrel. The seed supply method is either cash (64%) or credit (36%). The total turnover achieved by the group amounts to 3, 063,150 CFA Francs. The expenses borne by the 25 members of the group for this production amount to 2, 132, 640 CFA Francs. A net profit of 680,343 CFA Francs was made by the group for a cultivated area of 0.49 ha. The book profitability rate and the net margin ratio are 30% and 3.71 respectively. This crop therefore generates revenues that fully cover production costs and is therefore profitable.


Keywords: Profitability-Leaf vegetables- Guinea sorrel- Korhogo