Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Towards a Multi-Sector Value Chain sustainable Agriculture in Devolved Kenya’s Kisumu County.


Accepted 27th June, 2016


This study is on Kisumu County in Kenya (East Africa). It proposes upgraded agro-based and related value chain sustainable investments in devolved Kenya. Kenya is categorised with ‘developing countries’, many of which have operated within a logic of export-oriented development. They have viewed participation into Global Value Chains (GVCs) as a unique opportunity to relocate productive activities inside their borders, supporting not only economic growth but also better social standards. GVCs scholars have, however, noticed how dependence on external buyers in developed countries locks developing countries’ suppliers into low-skilled/labour intensive activities. This prevents them from developing the institutions and know-how required to move into higher stages of value creation. At the same time, as globalisation expands, it has been characterised by integration through disintegration as increasing trade has been accompanied by a breaking-up of traditional value chains across countries. This has created the need to pay more attention to questions of sustainability and value chains in the countries of the South. It is emerging that the value chains of domestic and regional markets should be developed and expanded if the countries of the South are to continue sustaining a meaningful pace of progress. In Kisumu County, Kenya (Eastern Africa) this thinking has informed the proposition to initiate a flagship multi-sector sustainable agriculture eco-village through a mutually beneficial partnership for capacity-building and technology transfer to enhance agricultural productivity.


Keywords: Value chain, sustainable investments, Kisumu County, Kenya