Global Educational Research Journal

ISSN 2360-7963

Curriculum Diversification: A Panacea for Effective Security Curriculum Delivery for Sustainable Security in Tertiary Institution in Abia State

Abstract:  The study sought the need for security curriculum diversification in Abia State tertiary institutions. The research adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised of the entire student in the three hundred (300) levels of the institutions. Stratified random technique was used to select forty (40) students from 2 tertiary institution making hundred respondents. A self – designed instrument titled, questionnaire for the need for curriculum diversification for effective security curriculum delivery (QCDESCD) was used to obtain relevant data from respondents. The instrument was validated by three experts and was adjudge to be reliable and the reliability co-efficient of 0.86 obtained. Three research questions were raised to guide the study and data generated were analyzed using mean and standard derivation and 2.5 were used as reference for acceptance. The findings revealed that security curriculum content and experiences were inadequate for effective security education delivery and implementation for sustainable security development in the area study. It also revealed a positive disposition for security curriculum diversification in tertiary institutions in Abia State. The study recommended among others that security education curriculum should be diversified to include content, experiences, adequate security operational skills for effective delivery and implementation. Installation of global best standard security operational gadgets, monitored by trained security operatives in the security – threats prone area in the institutions for sustainable development in Abia State tertiary institutions. 


Keywords: Curriculum diversification, insecurity, security education