Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Household Farmers Willingness to Invest in Improved Rice Production Technologies in Awgu Lga, Enugu State

Abstract: This study examined the influence of the socio-economic characteristics of the rice household farmers in Awgu local government area in Enugu state, Nigeria on their willingness to invest in improved rice technologies and also to determine the factors affecting the farmers’ willingness to invest. Purposive random sampling was employed for the selection of the local government and random sampling was used for the selection, forty farming households from Aninri, Oji River and from Awgu farming zone, implying a sample of one hundred and twenty households for the study. The simple percentage analysis and one way ANOVA model was employed in the analysis of the data and for the validations of the hypothesis, the result suggestively revealed that about 57(48%)of the respondents are very willing to invest in rice improved technologies and some factors affecting rice farmers willingness to invest are: lack of adequate information, lack of funding, poor storage facilities etc. The ANOVA analysis revealed that education level, age, farming system, farm size, occupation and level of awareness influences the farmers’ willingness to invest in improved rice production technologies. 


Keywords: Technology, household, willingness, rice, farmers