Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of Soybean Production on Farmers Welfare in Lichinga District, Northern Mozambique


Accepted 16th January, 2019.


In recent years, soybean production has been promoted in Niassa province in order to help farmers increase their income. Hence, this study aims to assess the impact of the soybean production on the farmer’s welfare in Lichinga district. Data were collected in through interviews among soybeans farmer and field observations. After data collection farmers were categorized into very poor, poor, and moderate according to their goods ownership. R program was used to perform descriptive statistics and regression analysis. The results shows predominance of young farmers living in poor families. Families who produce livestock in addition to soybean production have an average income of 556.17 USD/month. The production of crops for subsistence (Maize and Beans) has no significant effect on household income.


Keywords: Cash crops; profit; welfare; rural Mozambique; soybeans