Global Educational Research Journal

ISSN 2360-7963

Influence of Information and Communication Technology on Modern-day Secretaries in Tertiary Institutions

AbstractThis study investigated the influence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on modern-day secretaries at Ekiti State University (Ado-Ekiti) and College of Education (Ikere-Ekiti). It was observed that most secretaries have been displaced from their jobs due to the advent of Technology. Some did not wholeheartedly welcome the new emergent technology and saw it as a disruption. Therefore, this study seeks to bring to the fore the importance of information communication technology in advancing the work of secretaries.  A descriptive survey research method was used in this study. The population of the study consisted of 70 secretaries from the two institutions. A self-designed questionnaire, which was validated with the test-retest method, was used as the study instrument with an overall reliability test of Cronbach's alpha of 0.95. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results of the study showed that ICTs had a significant influence on modern-day secretaries in the two institutions, as they were able to utilize various technologies such as emails, data storage systems, and social media in their daily work activities. It was recommended that secretaries in the two institutions should be provided with adequate training to enable them to take full advantage of the benefits of ICTs. Furthermore, it was recommended that ICTs should be used more effectively and efficiently to improve the quality of services offered by secretaries.

Keywords: ICT, influence, secretary, tertiary institution, executive work.