Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

The Role of Agricultural Extension Services in Nigeria

Abstract: The Agricultural Extension and Community Development Service is an organization set up by the government, commercial organization or groups of individuals to disseminate information to local farmers. This information dissemination comes in the form of education. Farmers receive agricultural extension, an informal form of education, to enhance their farming practices. For an extension programme to be successfully adopted a farmer must be taught how to carry out the innovation and be persuaded to  try it so that he can appreciate the advantages and be convinced of the desirability of adopting it. All extension programmes must be based on the needs of farmers. The methodology employed include education and training. We needed to get the local farmers educated especially on the use of farm inputs and so on. This consistently led to improve in improved farm output. We identified the method of identifying of training needs. We also identified method of structured and unstructured questionnaires, interviews, observation and informal talks on the need and use of modern farm tools and implements to be able to get to this point. We conclude that education and training are vital tools in agricultural extension and community development.


Keywords: Agricultural Extension, Education, Training, Communication, Community Development