Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Land Acquisition in Ghana; Dealing with the Challenges and the Way Forward.


Accepted 18th October, 2017.


Up to date, land acquisition in Ghana is not smooth and easy. It is confronted by a lot of constraints such as insecurity of land tenure, inadequate land policy, indiscipline in the land market leading to fraud, conflicts, frustrations and anxiety. Though there are more lands in Ghana, there are also more problems in acquiring right to land if proper procedure is not followed. This paper seeks to address the bottlenecks in acquiring right to land in Ghana and provide solution for the way forward. Equity of land, land ownership, land right and the tenure system in Ghana has been explained. The various processes involved in acquiring a parcel of land (from purchase to title/deed registration) have been elaborated. Where and how to get a land free from encumbrances for all sort of socio-economic development has also been established. Introductions to the cadaster system, deed and title registration in Ghana have been reviewed.  The land enterprise in Ghana has a lot of challenges as a result of rapid urbanization, high demand-driven in the land market and weak institutional framework. These challenges have been reviewed in this paper with recommended solutions. It is therefore concluded that, Ghana needs more investors since there are lands and rooms for industries, infrastructure and socio-economic development.


Keywords: Land, tenure, acquisition, Ghana