Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Analyse de la stratégie de commercialisation du riz local de qualité en provenance de la plaine de la Ruzizi dans la ville de Bukavu (République démocratique du Congo) : Cas du riz Nyange Nyange

*Corresponding author:Kazamwali LM    Received: 23/10/2022| Accepted: 15/11/2022|

             Published: 19/11/22 

Abstract : Nyange Nyange rice is a new rice label currently marketed in the city of Bukavu. It is the result of several years of research, a hope for rice producers and the revitalization of the entire sector. However, since its launch on the market, it remains little known by consumers. It is perceived as relatively expensive by the latter. The purpose of this study is to analyze the marketing strategy for Nyange Nyange rice in the city of Bukavu. Using a qualitative approach with individual and group interviews with various marketing actors (cooperative managers, distributors and other stakeholders), the results of the study show that the marketing of Nyange Nyange rice is perceived by producers as a business opportunity, but also as a means of making their product known to a large public. However, they complain that farm gate prices are too low compared to production costs, which according to the analysis are dominated by plowing and fertilizer costs. They also encounter difficulties at the processing level due to the obsolescence of processing equipment, particularly good quality huskers, which leads to delays in delivery, as deplored by distributors. Nevertheless, the quality of the product remains highly valued by customers, as does its packaging. Nyange Nyange rice, although cheaper than Tanzanian rice, is still more expensive than rice from Pakistan. It is also only marketed in the Ibanda municipality, although efforts are being made to make the product known to consumers through multiple communication strategies. The SWOT analysis found that the marketing of Nyange Nyange rice could be improved by implementing upstream and downstream marketing strategies.