Global Research Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

ISSN 2360-7920

The importance of Competency Assessment in Practice: A Literature Review

 ABSTRACT: Competency evaluation is critical for maintaining competency, quality, and safety in a variety of fields of practice, including healthcare, education, and beyond. This literature review investigates the importance of competency assessment in practical settings, providing light on its many ramifications. This study examines the underlying theories, procedures, and outcomes related with competency assessment practices, drawing on a wide range of research literature. It investigates how competency assessment serves as the foundation for evaluating individuals' skills, knowledge, and abilities, facilitating professional development, improving organisational performance, and encouraging accountability. Furthermore, this analysis explains the changing landscape of competency evaluation frameworks, emphasising the importance of contextually relevant and culturally sensitive methodologies. It also emphasises the problems and ethical considerations inherent in competency evaluation, such as guaranteeing fairness, minimising bias, and striking a balance between standardisation and individualization. By synthesising current evidence, this study emphasises the importance of strong competency assessment methods in building competence, resilience, and innovation in a variety of professional contexts.

Keywords: Competency, assessment, evaluation