Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Available tumbler pigeons in Bangladesh


Accepted 30th May, 2014


Rajshahi and Dhaka of Bangladesh is the best place for tumbler varieties. Depending on variety the tumblers are sulli, lotan, muffed, Vienna short-face, short-face (5=23.81%); depending on colour they are tigered, flight/tippler, bald-headed, almond, blue tumbler, ablaq, albino, melanoid, chequred, white-tailed, coloured tail, splashed, mottled (13=61.90%) and on tumbling capability the tumblers are only three in number are house/parlour tumbler, flying tumbler and shaking tumbler (lotan) (14.29%). In Rajshahi division the tumblers are very simple in appearance as local or field pigeon whereas in Dhaka they showed different physique and various colours and in Khulna the body shape of tumblers are elongated and some shows huge tumbles within a short height. Highflier tumbler pigeons are not found in Bangladesh; its flying record is highest 19-22 hours in the sky.


Keywords: Pigeons, tumbler, roller, tippler, lotan