Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Pre-scaling of Honeybee Colony Multiplication Technology Package in Oromia Region, Ethiopia.


Accepted 17th December, 2017.


Pre scaling of colony multiplication technology package conducted in Ejere and Wolmera Woredas, Oromia region, Ethiopia with the main objective of disseminate colony multiplication technology package. As to the method, these Woredas selected purposively based on the purpose of shortage of honeybee colony for expansion of beekeeping activities and colony multiplication as additional source of income. Farmers research and extension groups (FREG) were used for technology dissemination. One FREG which contain 15-23 beekeepers established at each pre-scaling up site and there is one site in each selected Village Administration. Accordingly, one site at Ejere and three sites at Wolmera selected. A total of four FREGs established and 74beekeepers participated in pre scaling up process. Common site of FREG members beekeepers used as center of learning and technology dissemination. At each sites, farmers, development agents and experts trained. Colony multiplication activities undertaken in partnership with FREG members, development agents and experts. As to the result, on average of 14 mother honeybee colonies splitted and 47 nuclei colonies formed at each season at  pre scaling up sites. This means, on average of 3.5 nuclei honeybee colonies per hive can be multiplied from single box hive. Out of 47 nuclei colonies formed 40 colonies transferred to standard 10 frame hive and success rate is 85.1%.  In conclusion, colony multiplication can be a good source of additional colony for expansion and source of income. Therefore, stakeholders should work in building the capacity of the beekeeper to effectively apply colony multiplication technology package.


Keywords: Honeybee, Queen, Colony multiplication, nuclei colony.