Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Factors Affecting Own Food Production in Rural Households in Libode, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Accepted 30th September, 2019.


South Africa and other developing countries experience poverty and poor rural development due to poor extension services and other means of production. Agricultural activities have an ability to reduce rural poverty and generate livelihoods. Rural households’ production has declined to some extent over years. Therefore, this paper investigates factors affecting food production in rural households of Libode. Primary data was purposively collected from 120 households. Multiple regression was used to estimate factors affecting food production. From the research, most households were male headed and 70% are above 60 years of age; as a result, mostly are dependent on social grant. Many households own gardens but are not cultivating due to financial and knowledge challenges. The study reveals that age, gender, household size, educational level, extension service, farm experience, income, employment status and income source have a significant influence on food production. Thus, the study recommends the government intervention through infrastructural development, innovation of agricultural cooperatives, increase extension services and training of household in regards to farming as well as improve access to information in the rural areas.


Keywords: Agricultural activities, Multiple regression, Own food production, Poverty, Rural households