Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Analysis of public awareness and perceptions on foreign land leases in Kenya


The study analyzed public awareness and perceptions on foreign land leases. Primary data from 200 randomly selected respondents in Tana Delta, Kenya was analyzed using binomial logit model and descriptive measures. Results showed that there was low awareness on specific types of lease investments. Modern information and communication technology channels such as mobile phones and internet mail are the main sources of awareness. Further, duration of residency, land size and membership to land management committees have significant positive influence on awareness. While some respondents consider foreign land leases to be beneficial, nearly half of them associate the leases with marginalization and land grab. Strategies that enhance awareness and beneficial participation of local people in the foreign leases are recommended. In addition, appropriate legislation and penalties are suggested to deter misuse of land management committees as conduits for foreign land grab.

Keywords: Foreign land leases; public awareness; perceptions; Kenya.