Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Effect of Farmer Field School on Adoption of Improved Cotton Production Technologies in Eastern Uganda


Accepted 15th April, 2016


Cotton is an important cash crop with high potential to reduce rural household poverty in eastern Uganda and yet, on-farm productivity is low. The Government of Uganda in partnership with the private sector and donor agencies therefore promoted improved cotton production technologies through the farmer field school approach in eastern Uganda. The motivation of this study was to assess the role of farmer participation in farmer field schools in enhancing the adoption of improved cotton production technologies among farmers in eastern Uganda. A stratified sampling method was used to select 93 participant and 88 non participant cotton farmers in eastern Uganda. Farm-level data were collected and a binomial logit regression model was used to identify key factors that influenced farmers’ adoption of single or bundle of technologies. Results showed that farmers’ participation in a farmer field school as well as their perceptions of technology characteristics and socio-economic environment influenced technology adoption. Policies that engender farmers’ active participation in farmer field schools and improved access to critical cotton inputs are thus recommended


Keywords: Adoption, technologies, farmer field school, cotton, Uganda.