Global Educational Research Journal

ISSN 2360-7963

Developing Competences for Retraining Technical Teachers in Solar Energy (Power) System: Impact on Technical Education Curriculum

Abstract:  The study aimed at developing the competences for retraining technical teachers in solar power system to mitigate the impact of climate change in Abia State. Three research questions guided the study, descriptive survey design using an un-sampled total population of thirty four (34) expert workers of fine brothers Nigeria Limited in Abia State was used. Structural questionnaire comprising twenty four (24) question items which was face validated by three experts, two from technology and vocational education department and one from measurement and evaluation was used for data collection. The reliability coefficient using cronbatch Alpha method was established at 0.71. The data was analyzed using differential statistics of mean and standard deviation. The result revealed that all the competences for retraining on solar power system recorded a cluster mean of 2.86 above 2.50 and found out that technical teachers in the area studied require those competencies for construction, installation and maintenance of solar power system while neglecting the teaching and developing those competencies due to dearth of requisite skills and recommended a revisit of the technical education curriculum designers to include those skills, experiences and competencies needed for effective teaching of solar power system construction.


Keywords: Competencies, retraining and solar power system