Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Speed of Improved Maize Seed Adoption by Smallholders Farmers in Southwestern Ethiopia: Analysis Using the Count Data Models


Accepted 6th April, 2015


The use of improved maize seed is being promoted in Ethiopia as one of the agricultural extension packages to support smallholder agricultural production. Despite the important role adoption of improved maize seed plays in maize productivity, very few studies have been conducted to analyze the factors influencing their speed of adoption rate. This study analyses the determinants of speed of latest improved maize seed adoption rate using data from a cross-sectional smallholder maize producer in Southwestern Ethiopia. Poisson and Negative binomial models of the count regression model, the latter found to best fit the data, are used for the analysis. The results show that age of the household, extension service, proximity to development center, livestock holding, cooperative membership, use of mobile-cell phone, played an important role in the speed of adoption of improved maize seed among smallholder producers’.


Keywords: Speed of improved maize seed adoption, count data models, Ethiopia