Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Perception of Farmers on Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme Phase -1 in promoting agricultural extension service delivery in Kebbi and Sokoto States State, Nigeria


Accepted 14th June, 2019.


This study examined the perception of farmers on agricultural transformation agenda support Programme phase-1 in promoting agricultural extension service delivery in Kebbi and Sokoto states, Nigeria. A Multi stage sampling technique was employed to draw a sample of 480 respondents from sokoto and kebbi states comprising seven LGAs in kebbi and one LGA in sokoto state, respectively. A set of structured questionnaires were used to obtain information from the respondents. Descriptive statistics, and Likert scale were used for data analysis. The result of the study showed that majority (87.5%) and (86.3%) for both participating and non-participating respondents were male while (12.5%) of the participating and (13.8%) of the non-participating farmers were females respectively. The survey further identified that (65.4%), (76.7%) respondents respectively were provided with both method and result demonstration strategies. The study further revealed that ATASP-1 provided training to farmers on improved farming methodologies through mass extension programmes such as radio/ television program (58.8%) and group discussion (78.3%)..Likert scale analysis showed that (11.38%), (11.07%),(11.05%),(10.73),(10.09) perceived ATASP-1 to enhance agricultural output, improve farmers standard of living, enhance technology transfer, alleviate poverty and promote farmers capacity building respectively. It is concluded that ATASP-1impacted positively on the livelihood of the participating farmers. It is recommended that provision of extension services to farmers in groups should be encouraged due to scarcity of AEAS, provision of more improved inputs like seeds of various crops, fertilizers and agro chemicals etc, provision of extension services through non-visits such as radio and television programmes should be intensified by ATASP-1, organizing refresher courses and in-service training for extension staff to equip them with modern skills to effectively disseminate improved agricultural technology to farmers.


Keywords: Perception, Farmers, Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme Phase-1, Kebbi and Sokoto Stat