Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

ISSN 2360-798X

Entrepreneurship and National Development: Nigerian Experience.


Accepted 24th June, 2016


This paper examines entrepreneurship as the bedrock for national development in Nigeria. Self employment is not a recent phenomenon in Nigeria. From the time immemorial when individuals became organized into societies, there has been an abundance of self employed persons, typified by farmers that made up of about 70% workforce, traders and artisans, whose contributions have provided the basis for economic growth. Recently these groups of traditionally self employed have been joined by the new men and women who have gone to higher institutions of learning and at the end of their courses could not find paid employment in the labour market. Those with marketable skills among them decided to go into small scale businesses, using modern techniques to provide goods and services of high quality, while those with unmarketable skills were trained in vocation of their choice. They are clustered all over the entire length and breadth of Nigeria.


Keywords:  Entrepreneurship, National, Development, Experience, Nigerian.