Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

ISSN 2360-7955

Development of a Simulation Equation For Estimating the Total Solar Radiation for Barkin Ladi, Plateau State of Nigeria

Abstract: An empirical equation for estimating the total solar radiation for Barkin Ladi location (Lat. 9.5oN and long. 8.9oE) was developed using the Angstrom-page linear equation. The equation was developed from measured solar radiation and sunshine hours for January to December, 2013. Solar radiation (W/m2), wind speed (m/s), maximum and minimum temperature (oC), hours of sunshine (hr) and relative humidity (%) were collected from Yakubu Gowon Airport meteorological unit, Heipang in Barkin Ladi LGA. The highest solar radiation of 350 W/m2 and the corresponding highest sunshine hours of 10.81 hrs occurred in measured solar radiation was 297.08 W/m2. The average relative humidity of 46% was determined from the average ambient temperature of 28.16oC and the average minimum temperature of 16.19oC. The average wind speed was 28.33 m/s. The constants ‘a’ and ‘b’ of the Angstrom- Page equation were determined by plotting the clearness index (H/Ho) on the Y-axis and the fractional possible sunshine hours (ns/N) on the x – axis to obtain the line of best fit. The slope of this line is the value of the constant ‘b’ whilst the intercept of this line on the y–axis is the value of the constant ‘a’ with the coefficient of correlation of 0.54 and a coefficient of determination of 0.292. The developed empirical equation can therefore be used to determine the solar radiation at Barkin Ladi location, Nigeria. This fitted model can be further improved with database from continuous hourly measurements including other relevant meteorological parameters for not less than five (5) years.


Keywords: Development, Simulation equation, Solar radiation, Barkin Ladi, Nigeria.