International Journal of Arts and Humanities

ISSN 2360-7998

Perceived Impact of Electronic Teaching on Mental Health and Wellbeing of Students in South-East Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

Abstract: The study was on the perceived impact of electronic teaching on mental health and student wellbeing in south-east tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It adopted descriptive survey design using three hundred (300) students as target population. Purposeful random sampling technique was used to select the population from four (4) selected tertiary institutions in the area studied. The instrument was validated by three (3) experts from curriculum, health education and measurement and evaluation was researcher developed questionnaire titled Perceived Impact of Electronic teaching on Students mental health and wellbeing (PMPEMWQ). Reliability co-efficient index value of 0.85 was established which was considered adequate for the study. Administration of instrument was carried out by three (3) research assistances. Percentages, mean standard deviation, T-test were used to answer and obtain prove for research questions and hypothesis respectively. Findings revealed positive impact of electronic teaching on students’ mental health and wellbeing. It also revealed high extent influence on students’ anxiety and stress, management and further revealed more impacts on females than on males. The study established no significant different impact based on gender, and recommended wide adoption of electronic teaching pedagogical strategy, charging the government, stakeholders and parents to equip schools, students and wards with electronic teachings facilities like electronic teaching laboratory with qualified technicians to adequately embrace the 21st century education. The paper recommended a wide adoption of electronic teaching peadagogical strategy and charged the government, stakeholders and parents to equip schools, wards with electronic teaching facilities to embrace the 21st Century education.


Keywords: Mental, Health and Wellbeing.