International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Gender, Maternal Health and Development in Nigeria: A Literature Review


There has been high rate of maternal mortality in Nigeria, women dying every day in thousands and government policies on health have not been visible and where such policies come to stay they cater for the rich while the poor especially women in the rural areas do not benefit from them. The recent health insurance policy reveals that government health policies are made to soothe the elites. In a society where the child bearing power that readily resides in women is left to suffer set back then development of such society is at stake if not impossible. This paper assesses common challenges facing Nigerian women as regards gender inequality in the quest for health care delivery and development. The world Health Organization (2006) reports that Nigeria records the worst case of Obstetric Fistula affecting over 300,000 women annually with 576 of 100,000 maternal mortalities (Nigerian Urban and Reproductive Health Initiative, 2014) besides breast cancer incomplete abortion and still birth uterine fibroids has been on the increase killing women and rendering several ones infertile. This study also highlights Psycho-social theories in relation to gender. 

Keywords: Development, Gender, Maternal Health.


Keywords: Gender, Maternal Health, Nigeria