International Journal of Arts and Humanities

ISSN 2360-7998

Convergences of Convenience among Youths and Survival Induction in the Trends of Nigerians Reality TV Shows

Abstract: This paper focuses on Reality TV Shows as a trending performance genre which has the capacity to unify the audience in space and idea, and also initiate financial reward to participants. The method of the research is qualitative, while Uses and Gratification Theory is the theoretical framework. The paper argues that there are many current innovations in performance and that a more friendly and enterprising one is Reality television show. Reality television shows interrogate members of the audience live without embellishment and easily stimulate immediacy and naturalness. It further argues that Reality TV shows bring youths together and that many of the shows possess a reward system which encourages the audience to have a longing for them. It concludes that a performance type that can bring a convenient unification amongst the youths and equally reward participants should be encouraged. It recommends that Reality television shows should be de-centred from cities to reach the hinterlands in order to also assist the poor in the rural areas who actually need the reward the performances are doling in their shows..


Keywords: Reality-Show, Performance, Innovation, Convergences, Reward.