International Journal of Arts and Humanities

ISSN 2360-7998

The Military Coup in Gabon and Diminishing Status of Democratic Rules in Africa


Abstract This paper examines in critical term the major reasons for the military intervention in the Republic of Gabon and how the successive military coups since 2020 continue to raise the fear of the African leaders above their comprehension that the military regimes had come to stay in Africa. It has made a critical examination of the failure of the African electoral reforms in addressing the crisis particularly the rising spate of insecurity, poverty, corruption, decay in education and health sector. It has enumerated some key lessons to be learned by the African leaders in the wake of successful military interventions in Nigeria. The objective of the paper was to capture the minds of the leaders in understanding how hazy the journey under the democratic system is in Africa. The paper adopted a mixed methodology of literature review and field interview in arriving at its findings.


Keywords: Military Coup, Gabon, diminishing Status, Democratic Rule, Africa