International Journal of Arts and Humanities

ISSN 2360-7998

Naturalism and Theatre of Cruelty in Selected Works of Arthur Miller and Wole Soyinka

Abstract This paper looked closely at Theatre of Cruelty and critically analyzed its concept using plays selected from two playwrights. The Theatre of Cruelty is a form of theatre generally associated with Antonin Artaud., Literary mythology was used to collect and analyze data for this paper. This paper evaluates the dramatic presentation style of Antonin Artaud’s “Theatre of Cruelty” within the praxis of “Naturalism” in those selected plays with the purpose of asserting the symbiotic connections between the analyzed works of Arthur Miller and Wole Soyinka with a view to establishing the veracity of naturalism and the feature of Theatre of Cruelty in those plays.


Keywords: Naturalism, Theatre of Cruelty, Arthur Miller, Wole Soyinka