International Journal of Agricultural Research and Review

ISSN 2360-7971

A Review of the effect of Post-harvest handling on the Shelf life of selected indigenous Agricultural products: a case study of yam

Abstract:  Both quantitative and qualitative losses occur at all stages in the post-harvest handling system of the distribution chain of yam (from harvesting, through handling, packing, storage and transportation to final delivery of the fresh produce to the consumer). The study investigated the post-harvest handling of yam and needed information by farmers in Kogi and Benue States, Nigeria. The population of this research comprise of all the yam farmers in the two states. Data were collected from 240 yam farmers who were randomly selected from the four agro-ecological zones of Kogi State (Zone A, B, C and D) and three zones of Benue State (A, B and C) using interview schedule. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data collected. Results show that most (78.75%) of the farmers were engaged in transporting of yam from farm to home, home to markets or farm to markets. Analysis on the level of information needs shows that 50.00% of the yam farmers were highly in need of information on storage of tubers in the study area. Analysis on the access of yam farmers to improved post-harvest management technologies shows that majority (77.50%) of the yam farmers had access to improved transportation system and 14.28% had least access to storage of yams in the warehouse. It is recommended that farmers should have access to information on improved postharvest management, and the practices of some effective indigenous post-harvest management of yam would ensure better value addition on yam. 


Keywords: postharvest spoilage and losses, postharvest handling of yam, transportation of harvested yam.