International Journal of Arts and Humanities

ISSN 2360-7998

Film: An underutilized ideological tool for cultural advancements in Nigeria

Abstract: Taking a cursory look at humans, societies, cultures and ideologies, one would notice that silence and loud agents of change have either advance such societies or under develop them. Even as we explore these terraces for any form of change-agent, we would discover that film has been utilized by Europe and America to bring about a positive orientations towards advancing their societies. If we even look further, we would realize that this self-actualization drive, many years ago, even spurred them towards annexation, all in the bid for national peace and unity. Why has film, as an ideology, not been able to drive the multicultural ideals of Nigeria towards development in technology, education, politics and our socio-economy? This paper will look at the methods of utilizing film as tool for patriotism adopted by Europe and America towards advancing their societal goals as well as the underutilization of same tool in development of a cultural identity and patriotism for Nigeria towards popular culture that would have brought about a huge advancement in areas of technological, political and socio-economy of Nigeria aa a country even with diverse ethnicity. The research method will be based on literatures and interviews towards actualizing the purpose of this paper, to portray film as a dynamic tool that must be able to connect us via its ideology, towards our acceptance of it as well as our reactions generally as a people.


Keywords: Film, Culture, Ideology, Film Making