Spring International Engineering Research Journal

ISSN 2384-5058

Design and Construction of a Pneumatic Palm Kernel Shell Separator

Abstract:  Palm kernel is one of the products from palm oil mills. In kernels recovery plant, the separation of kernel and shell from cracked mixture is carried out using a combination of dry and wet separation. The separation device uses forced draught principle instead of usual induced draught. The air flow velocity in its separation column can be adjusted via the blower (damper) located at the ground or an elevated level. The effect of velocity and fan air speed in activity of separation must to be in consideration. The parameter that has been a monitored during the trials was dirt and shell content in production kernel, kernel loses and the effect of velocity on efficiency of separation. The system was capable to separate dried nuts and kernel shells. The total kernel from dry and wet separation also could be minimizing. This pneumatic or winnowing system also reduces the waste effluent from the mill promoting more environmental friendly technology for the oil palm industry.


Keywords: Palm kernel, pneumatic separator, dry palm kernel shell, winnowing