Spring International Engineering Research Journal

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Evaluation of Homemade Activated Charcoal Biogas Purifier

Essang NP


ABSTRACT: The readiness of biogas for local use and industrial use in Nigeria cannot be guaranteed except dangerous impurities accompanying with biogas production are efficiently removed during production. In this research work, evaluation of homemade activated charcoal biogas purifier was carried out. A locally obtained cylindrical plastic was used to produce a homemade biogas purifier. Activated charcoal that served as the reagent produced from palm kernel shells was experimentally used to removed impurities from raw biogas. The test was conducted ten (10) consecutive times and the results obtained showed that activated palm kernel shells absorbed the hydrogen sulphide, water vapour and carbon dioxide while allowing the purified biogas to pass through to the storage cylinder. These results showed that the homemade biogas purifier is adequate and efficient.


Keywords: Biogas, Activated Charcoal, Palm Kernel Shells, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon (IV) oxide