Accepted 18th September


This study tries to situate sculpture gardens as important phenomena in the history and development of modern societies, including visual arts. The study, therefore, posits that sculpture gardens are arenas where sculpture pieces of different dimensions and materials are assembled in a garden setting for the purposes of aesthetic pleasure, therapeutic, educational and preservation functions and others. Different studies have been carried out on sculpture, painting, graphics, and other areas of visual art, however, there is no significant study on the subject matter, hence the study. Primary and secondary sources of data collation are used to achieve the objectives of the study including participant observation method (POM). The scope is limited to Southeastern Nigeria. Some of the findings include that sculpture gardens are not popular in this part of the country, hence it’s total negligence. Again, sculpture gardens promote knowledge, skills, creativity and inspire technological breakthrough. These were followed by conclusion and possible recommendations for futuristic focus.


Keywords: Sculpture Gardens, National Development