Accepted 4th December, 2016


This study was conducted at Maddawalabu University school of Agriculture entitled by Raising Students’ Awareness on Negative Impact of Cheating and Its’ Minimization at School of Agriculture, Madda walabu University. The target population was all batch school of agriculture students and teachers. We selected randomly five students from each batch and department and two teachers from each department. Total sample size was 55 students, eight teachers, totally 63 samples were taken. There are different methods of cheating used in agriculture students. As the response indicated that all batch of the agriculture students used similar method of cheating. However the easiest method of cheating and the feasible one are using short note (aterera), copying from the nearest student and writing on the wall, chair and clothe. There are different cheating minimization methods; advice students, design appropriate studding style, monitor students before and during the exam, through appropriate sitting arrangement. After all, we suggest that it is very crucial to think over holistic approaches that will enable the university to overcome cheating case and produce self-confident and competent professionals on open academic markets under real working environment.


Keywords: student, cheating