Accepted 28th July, 2017


The study assessed correctional counselling services provided to inmates of Koforidua Prisons. The study adopted mixed method approach. An accessible population of 523 inmates and 176 officers of the Koforidua Prisons were participated. From this population, a sample of 29 inmates (age range of 18 – 29 years) and 5 officers (age range of 51-60 years) were selected using purposive sampling technique. Questionnaire was the main instrument used to collect data from the participants. Data was analysed and presented using simple frequency count and percent table and inferential statistics. The results revealed the nature of correctional counselling in Koforidua Prisons is crisis and integrative counselling. It was revealed that correctional counselling enhances inmates’ self-image. The result further illustrate that those who hold positive perception about correctional counselling have positive attitude towards the programme. The study also revealed that office accommodation for counsellors is thwarting the operations of correctional counselling in Koforidua prisons. Finally, it revealed that perception of inmates is positively associated with attitude of inmates. Based on the findings, it was concluded that proper utilization of correctional counselling would produce in inmate’s high sense of self-worth. It was further concluded that attitude towards correctional counselling depends on the degree of inmates’ perceptions. It was recommended among other things that prison authorities should provide office accommodation for counselling personnel for proper institutionalization of correctional counselling. It was also recommended that prison authorities should sponsor staff as part of staff development process, to read advanced courses in correctional counselling.


Keywords: Correctional Counselling, Ghanaian Prisons