*Corresponding Author:  Allison BR,     Received:6/6/2022| Accepted: 8/6/2022 |Published: 10/6/2022| |

Abstract: This study had its focus on The Influence of Parents and Culture on girl child education in Wukari LGA of Taraba State On this basis, it is worthy to note that the national Policy on Education does not discriminate between sexes; rather it emphasizes freedom, equality and justice. With a clear objective such as; to determine influence of parental attitude towards girl-child education, to determine the influence of school activities on girl-child education, to determine the influence of culture, tradition and religion on Girl-child Education. The culture and traditional settings of Wukari LGA and the general society and the provisions of National Policy on Education on girl-child education, the theoretical frame work and the sample size of  one hundred (100) of the population was used to get  data through the use of questionnaire to draw conclusions of the study. The data were  computed tabulated, analyzed and presented and further converted to frequencies and percentages for easy understanding. It has been revealed in this study that the attitudes of parents is not positive enough to guarantee equal participation of girl-child in school despite the provision made by national policy on education. Therefore, it was recommended that parents should not hesitate in providing equal education to their children irrespective of sex or gender.Keywords: Assessing, Cultural, Parental, Child Education

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