Accepted 18th December, 2019.


The article presents the period of wintering of melon fly corresponds to the beginning of May, first decade of June in the condition of Karakalpakstan. The role of feeding is shown in the life. It is defined that the level of damage to the type of melon, watermelon of melon fly is high. Results shown that, when using chemical preparations to control pest at imago stage, biological effectiveness was 89,1-96,4%, by using traps at larva, pupa it was 98-100%, when using the destroying method, the main part of first generation were destroyed and crop harvest was saved.


Keywords: Melon fly (Myiopardalis pardalina Big), melon (Cucumis melo L.), watermelon (Citullus lanatus L.), pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.), varieties, chemical preparations, biological effectiveness, traps.