Acceptance 18th August, 2014


Teaching and learning process are necessary pre requisite for any institutional set up.  Learners are expected to experience permanent behavioural changes that can be accommodated by any given society. To embark on these two activities, different tools are employed by teachers for the understanding of the various concepts to be learnt. On this premise, the study investigated the perception of science lecturers and students on the use of facebook as a tool for teaching and learning of science subjects in Kogi state university, Anyigba, Nigeria. Four research questions based on the guided the study. Descriptive research design was employed. A total number of 20 lecturers and 332 students in science related courses was surveyed in the study. Science Teachers and Students Facebook Usage Questionnaire (STSFUQ) was developed and used for data collection. The instrument was validated and a reliability index of 0.71 was obtained using Cronbach Alpha. Mean and Standard deviation were used for the analysis of data collected. Findings of the study include that the science teachers do not agree that facebook can be used for teaching and learning, science students think that facebook can be used for teaching and learning and both teachers and students are of the view that the use of facebook may be addictive and can hinder students’ discipline. Unsteady power supply and poor internet connectivity affect the use of facebook by teachers and students. Useful recommendations such as provision of functional internet connectivity on campus, and provision of media devices, e.g., computers for science teachers were proffered.


Keywords: Perception, Facebook, Teaching, Learning and Science subjects.