Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

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Feasibility Study of Agricultural Products' Electronic Marketing According to the Point of View of Jihad Organization Experts in Fars Province, Iran

Mohsen Mousaei




Accepted 3rd May, 2021.


The main purpose of this research was to determine the feasibility of electronic marketing of agricultural products from the point of view of Fars province Agricultural Jihad Organization experts. The statistical population of the current study included 780 experts working at Agricultural Jihad Organization in Fars Province. According to Krejcie and Morgan's table, the sample size of 354, selected through random sampling, was acceptable for this study. The main instrument for collecting data was a questionnaire, the content validity of which was confirmed by a panel of experts. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated to be 0.83, using Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient. The data analysis was carried out using SPSS software application version 21.The results of ordinal regression showed that variablesof information and communication infrastructure, management infrastructure, economic and support infrastructure, legal and security infrastructure, financial infrastructure, technical and technological infrastructure affected the implementation of electronic marketing of Agricultural products. Furthermore, the results of the exploratory factor analysis with main components analysis showed that the independent variables could explain 89.28% of the variance of the feasibility of implementing electronic marketing of agricultural products. In general, the improvement of information and communication infrastructure, increasing farmers' awareness of the importance of management, investment in e-marketing, more governmental attention to farmers and their economic support in the field of e-marketing, and security and reliability for sales sites can provide the ground for the feasibility of electronic marketing of agricultural products in Fars province.


Keywords: Electronic marketing, Agriculture products, Agriculture experts, Fars Province