Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

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The Effects of Economic Policies on Mexican Pig and Pork Production

*Dr. Encarnacià n Ernesto Bobadilla-Soto and Dr Francisco Ernesto Martínez-Castañeda



This work involves an analysis of economic policies and their effect on national pig and pork production. A method was developed that linked federal support instruments to the pig and pork production sector. The volume of pork production decreased at a mean rate of 0,82 per year.  Per capita consumption decreased 30 percent, going from 21 to 15 kg. The trade deficit increased every six-year period, until it reached 602 thousand tons. The instruments that were developed, access to them, as well as their allocation and operation, were inefficient. This evidence sets forth the urgent need to develop effective and efficient instruments, as well as development programs that are adapted to the users' needs.


Keywords: economic policies, consumption, pig, pork, trade balance.