Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

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Review of the Challenges Influencing Annual Organization of Kambuwa Agricultural Show

S, Umar1, Y, J.Alhassan2 I, D. Sanchi3S, Y Sheriff4 M, A. Muhammad5 and S, Aabubakar6



Accepted 22nd February, 2021.


The study reviewed the challenges to organizing annual agricultural shows in Kambuwa Village area of Ngaski Local Government area, Kebbi State Nigeria. Specifically, it ascertained the roles of agencies such as ATASP-1, ICRISAT, Kebbi State Government, Kebbi  ministry of agriculture involved in organizing agricultural shows; ascertained the procedures in organizing agricultural shows by the stakeholders concerned; identified factors militating against the organization of agricultural shows in Kambuwa Village; and identified strategies required for improving the organization of agricultural shows. The study concluded by making recommendations on ways to strengthen the annual show so as to promote State and National Interest on the programme


Keywords: Challenges, Influencing, Kambuwa, Agricultural Show, Organization