International Journal of Soil and Crop Sciences

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Commercialization prospects of microbial and Soil microbial formulation in Indonesia in agriculture

T. Prihastuti





Accepted 15th May, 2014


Commercialization of microbial products is the final of a series of integrated research. This project started from the laboratories research, semi-field (greenhouse) to the field, and factory scale. The research procedures should be reached, to maintain of the microbial products quality. This paper elevates the status and prospects of commercialization of microbial products for agriculture that can be developed and marketed, including the microbes that are active in the supply of nutrients, produce of plant growth promoting and as a pest controller. Technology of microbial commercialization includes of: discovery, strain development, greenhouse and field testing, formulation and application of products, regulatory, consumer response and market share. An economical aspect of the soil microbial technology by referring to identification and quantification of the cost of research, time required, price, market share and return on investment.


Keywords: commercialization, microbial formulations, prospects, agriculture